Warm Audio in Education

Warm Audio in Education

Warm Audio in Education

Todays music students make use of virtual plugins of all famous studio gear without ever having touched the real deal. With the Warm Audio EDU program we try to give all music students the chance to listen to real analog gear and work with a nice rack of outboard gear on their own recordings and mixes.

Are you a school or educational institution and do you want to introduce your students to real analog hardware? Great!

In a 2 hour workshop session we will introduce your students to the wonderfull world of classic gear and make sure they can use it themselves afterwards.

  • Classic mics and mic techniques
  • Gain staging and recording
  • Dynamics: theory and examples
  • The mix

After the workshop it is possible to have a Demo Rack in your school for 2 months so your students have the opportunity to really get to know the gear and actually use those nice compressors and EQ's on their own recordings and mixing sessions.

What's in theWarm Audio Demo Rack?

  • WA87 and WA14 microphones
  • WA2A compressor limiter
  • WA76 compressor
  • EQPWA eq
  • WA12 Tone Beat mic preamp

Educational Discounts

Both the school itself and the students qualify for Warm Audio's educational discount.

Please contact us for further details regarding applying for the Workshop and Demo Rack and educational  discounts