Interface Mag: WA87 & WA14

Interface Mag: WA87 & WA14

Interface Mag: WA87 & WA14

Interface Magazine did a review about the Warm Audio WA87 and WA14 microphones in their dec 2017 magazine.

The title of the article already shows their enthousiasm for those mics and the Warm Audio brand.:

"King of the remake"

"The redesigns of Warm Audio definitively have that vintage touch you would expect from a classic mic. The sound is very detailed and open. To me it is not that interesting if they are an exact sounding copy of the originals because they centainly do have a big part of the qualities of the originals and the mics are great by themselves too. And considering the build quality and the vintage approach, the price is really good. In short: highly recommended"

By Marnix Bosman

Interface Magazine final conclusion:


+ impressive build quality and sound

+ Really close to the originals

+ Affordable


- None